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Master Vocal Coach & Clinician

Retired as a full time lecturer, Rachel Gould has had teaching experience for over thirty years in many countries with all levels of students. Rachel gives private lessons, teaches jazz choirs, vocal health classes,  improvisation and applied theory groups, ensembles, exam coaching, master classes and, since leaving her position at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Rachel conducts frequent Jazz Clinics worldwide. 

"I can help a student refine timing, phrasing, interpretation, pronunciation (American English), etc. I can give ideas for practicing, improvising, repertoire choice, keys, arrangements, composition, lyric writing, etc. Teaching is my gift back, as I feel blessed in the world of Jazz"


Rachel Gould

“ Studying with the great Rachel Gould from 1991-1995 at the Conservatory in Den Haag ( Holland), was the most inspiring time in my young musical life! Rachel showed me everything I needed to find my own way as a Jazz singer! “  


Fay Claassen

"Speaking about singer-musicians, the ones who really know music inside out, and are respected and loved by fellow vocalists as well as instrumentalists, I am thinking about the great Rachel Gould who was my teacher first in Bern when I prepared to study professionally, and then at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where I moved to to study with her. Before moving to Holland, I also visited other schools abroad, but it was Rachel I wanted to learn from. Her voice, her cool phrasing, her improvisational skills - and also her wonderful compositions: she's really one of a kind. At the Conservatory, she was loved and adored by students and faculty alike - a real musician's musician. Whatever song she sang, we wanted to sing it, too. I remember how she sang "How Deep is The Ocean" during one of the lessons, just her and me in the room - some of her rhythmical and melodic variations I remember until today (connecting the end of the B part of "They Can't Take That Away From Me" to the last A section for example). She recorded with Chet Baker (check out how she counts off ALL BLUES...), Riccardo del Fra (the beautiful record "A Sip Of Your Touch" that features also her great composition "Do You Feel What I Feel?") and many others."


Suzanne Abbuehl, ECM Recording Artist, former student

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